Naver presents player-oriented camcorder for sports relay

Naver presents player-oriented camcorder for sports relay

“Netflix is ​​not going to introduce advertising in the future, and we will focus on TV dramas and movies without live streaming content such as news and sports.” 

Reid Hastings, CEO of Netflix, which is revolutionizing streaming subscriptions around the globe, will attend the “Labs Day” event in Los Angeles, USA, with more than 60 journalists from all over the world attending, Drama, movies and other original content. The drama “Kingdom”, which deals with the zombies of the Joseon Dynasty, was widely popular in the world and promised openly that it would continue to produce Korean content and increase investment.

Hastings told the Daily Economy question, asking for changes in the business model. “We’ve been investing in content for about $ 140 million a month on average across the globe,” he said. “We’ve been growing for the last 20 years, and Amazon has spent between $ 4 billion and $ 5 billion Netflix invested more than $ 14 billion, but focusing on content creation is the key to growth. ” 

Netflix plans to invest about $ 12 billion to $ 14 billion this year in content production. This means investing only in original TV dramas and movie productions, not in securing sports rights or adding news channels like competitors like Amazon and Hulu. Hastings said, “Competition affects Netflix costs. It’s obviously costly to build content.” 

Hastings, CEO of the United States in the “streaming content war” is a situation that has been noted. Disney, AT & T (Winner Brothers), Comcast (NBC Universal), and Apple will release Netflix Counterparts each year. 

Apple plans to announce a streaming service plan that includes at least 11 original content, including a movie by Steven Spielberg and a drama starring Reese Witherspoon. Disney will launch its own streaming service `Disney Plus’ by bundling Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. AT & T, which acquired Warner Media (Wiener Brothers, HBO, CNN), also announced its own streaming service, and Comcast NBC Universal has announced it will start streaming services that include advertisements. 

Netflix said it will increase its investment in Korean content. “The Kingdom of Korea, which is the most Korean content, has become popular all over the world, not only in Asia but also in the US and Russia,” said Ted Sarandos, COO of Netflix, after Hastings CEO. “He said. “We can not disclose specific numbers, but we will continue to invest in Korean content and expand the scale.” Netflix has confirmed the production of Kingdom 2 for the first time as a Korean drama, and plans to release personas can check here infomation about MLB중계.

 “Kingdom” is a Korean traditional costume and has a unique cultural background such as martial arts and zombies, but it is becoming popular all over the world. It is so high in quality that it was released four months later, It is a good example that shows that the most Korean (local) is the most global one. “

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